Dr. Sidney Nelson has been counseling for more than 30 years. In that time, he has developed his own unique approach to helping clients overcome the thoughts and emotions that are troubling their day-to-day life; their relationships; their jobs; and basically, anything else.

Dr. Nelson has been sought out to help with all types of personal problems. However, the most common reasons include anxiety, anger, depression, and low self-esteem. Dr. Nelson’s primary training is in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), having studied in New York with Dr. Albert Ellis, the founder of the first expression of CBT, which is called rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT).

It is often our emotions that bring us to seek help in counseling. What many of us do not understand fully is that our emotions are linked, welded, to our thoughts. Our irrational thoughts create unpleasant emotions. For example,

– “I’m in danger” evokes the emotion of fear or anxiety.

-“It’s no use, I give up” evokes the emotion of depression.

– “You shouldn’t do that!” evokes the emotion of anger.

Dr. Sidney Nelson

To address anxiety, depression, or anger, we must examine and change our self-talk (the day to day thoughts that cross our mind and bring us to unpleasant emotions.) There are rational thoughts that replace the above and bring us to happier emotions. This type of therapy is brief, elegant, and very effective. You are invited to make an appointment and find out for yourself how you can replace anxiety with confidence; anger with peace; and depression with hope. Call today for your first appointment.

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