First, we must understand what anxiety is. In my practice I work with four levels of fear, one of which is named anxiety. The other three are worry, full-blown fear, and panic. All of them are forms of fear with greater or lesser intensity. And each of them causes us to do different things. Likewise, each of them needs a different approach to resolve.

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What does anxiety do to my day to day life?

Anxiety can drain the happiness from our life. We can lay in bed at night worrying about finances, family, health, and so forth. Anxiety can prevent us from doing the things we want to. Afraid of elevators, we will walk stairs. Afraid of rejection, we will never ask that girl out. Afraid of failure, will not attempt to get that promotion or make an application to the college. And panic can make us feel like we are dying and we have no control.

All of these are products of irrational beliefs that we hold and irrational self-talk, the things we say to ourselves about life, work, relationships and so forth. When we diffuse and correct these irrational beliefs we are liberated from the terrors of anxiety. All of these can be defused one step at a time beginning with the first session.

You will be amazed that these long-held anxieties are directly addressed and resolved through a unique approach, developed by Dr. Nelson