Years ago, I began doing life coaching with clients who had successfully completed a course of counseling. They indicated to me that they had greatly benefited in their personal and professional life and they wanted to continue to grow. For me, life coaching is a combination of psychology and solution focused attention. Often, a practical battle plan to address life’s changes is all we need. I now accept clients who are seeking growth in their personal and professional lives.

business coach


Many times, our business problems revolve around personalities and relationships that have soured. Other times, we lose focus and need to return to our original business plans. Sometimes it is beneficial to use a “think tank” method to broaden one’s approach to business problems. It is important to refocus our attention upon essential, attainable goals and get a better understanding of ourselves, Board of Directors, partners and/or employees. These understandings enable us to make better business decisions and achieve greater successes. Whatever your needs are, you can set an appointment with Dr. Nelson to discuss your circumstance and decide if business coaching with him will be beneficial.